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Optima Uitzendburo is responsible and respects the privacy of all its candidates, temporary employees, payroll employees, migrant workers, employees, self-employed persons, contact persons of clients, suppliers and website visitors. We ensure that your personal information is treated confidentially and secured in accordance with our privacy policy, so that the trust you place in us is maintained.

In this privacy statement we will explain to you what personal information we collect and record from you, at what time and for what purposes. We also provide clear insight into who we provide your information and who we process it. In addition, there is a clear description of your rights and obligations and where you can go. Take it carefully.

This is Optima Uitzendburo

Optima Uitzendburo is active within Europe to help people at work every day. We send people out, mediate people and the self-employed to work, recruit and select and try every day to provide the best service we have to offer our candidates, temporary employees, employees, self-employed and clients.

Optima Uitzendburo is located in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, 3371 EP at the Kade 40 in the Netherlands and registered in the Chamber of Commerce under number 24403530.

This is what we do

We collect and process personal data that are necessary for the provision of our services. You may provide this voluntarily, but for some data we have a legal obligation to collect and process it. We use this information to improve our services, ensure that our services best meet your wishes and expectations and to be able to meet the expectations or obligations we have towards our clients, suppliers or other third parties.

What information do we collect from you

At the moment you come to us, we collect data from you almost immediately. This may be because you visit our website, register, contact one of our branches or even personally visit our office. It is also possible that we can find you on public websites where you have entered your data and from which it appears that you would be interested in one of our services.

Visit website

When you visit one of our websites we will immediately process data from you. We process your IP address, location and register your visit to the website and the route you follow. We do this to optimize and improve our website and its use. This so that everything better matches your expectations and simplifies use. We do not process personal information. For more information, see the cookie regulations.


You can register with us in various ways. This can be done via one of our websites, via Facebook or by telephone or at our office. The direct websites on which you can register are:

In addition to our own websites, we also place vacancies on job sites. If you respond to one of our vacancies, we will also process your details. When registering, we process the following data: 

  • Name, address, place data;
  • contact details, such as e-mail address and telephone number;
  • birth data, age and gender;
  • work experience and curriculum vitae (CV);
  • photos and / or videos;
  • training, internships and courses;
  • evaluation forms and results of any tests or assessments;
  • information about your availability;
  • data about your mobility, such as your own transport and which driving licenses you have;
  • other data that add value to assess the position or company that suits you best.

Employed at Optima Uitzendburo

The moment you work or work for us, we will process the following data:

  • additional personal details such as nationality, BSN, ID-proof and possibly a work permit;
  • data for the implementation of a correct payroll administration;
  • payment details;
  • other matters such as leave and absence records;
  • other information relevant to personnel administration or HR-related matters such as emergency numbers, marital status, family composition for pension purposes;
  • if it is necessary for the position and / or company where you are going to work, special personal data can also be processed, such as a certificate of good behavior or medical examination. If this is the case, then we will inform you about it.

Customers, clients or other business relations

If you are our contact person for clients, clients or other business relations, we will process the following information from you:

  • name;
  • contact details, such as e-mail and / or telephone number (preferably business data);
  • business data such as Chamber of Commerce registration, VAT number, payment details and other data that are important for the execution of the agreement.

Use of data

We use your data to provide you with our services in the field of work and HR. This includes, among other things, recruitment & selection, mediation, temporary employment, secondment, payroll, payroll administration, HR-related matters and personal guidance and development.

Your data will be processed to

  • inform you about our services or HR-related matters that may be of interest to you. This can consist of newsletters, mailings with, among other things, vacancies or information related to work. For this we explicitly need your permission, which you can find on the portal (opt-in);
  • be able to invite you for meetings, events or similar events or drinks;
  • to be able to assist you in having contact with us, such as questions via the website or in any other alternative way;
  • to be able to match you when looking for candidates with an open job (matching), which fits as well as possible with your expectations, requirements and abilities;
  • to be able to assess whether you would be a suitable candidate for an open vacancy within our organization or at one of our clients;
  • to optimize and improve our services;
  • be able to proactively introduce you to one of our clients or companies where you could potentially be of added value and / or would fit in with capabilities and availability;
  • mediate you to temporary or permanent work or to an assignment if you are self-employed;
  • to be able to realize a good execution of the payroll administration, such as processing your wage slips, carrying out your salary payment, but also making payments to the tax authorities, pension funds and others;
  • to fulfill our obligations when executing an agreement as being an employment contract with you or an assignment agreement in case of a self-employed person;
  • maintaining contact with you about your availability, scheduling and offering work or other matters related to work;
  • to be able to process the use of lease cars and any reimbursement of fuel costs or the reimbursement of travel allowance and processing of any fines relating to traffic;
  • be able to execute and process assessments and appraisal interviews and thus look at development and training opportunities;
  • to be able to provide relevant insurances such as absenteeism insurance, company liability insurance and accident insurance;
  • to be able to make offers that can benefit you, such as companies with which we have made collective agreements, and you can benefit from these agreements;
  • to be able to carry out research on the satisfaction and / or service of our organization;
  • to be able to guide you well in case of absence and possibly to work on reintegration and follow-up;
  • to provide our organization with management information with the aim of optimizing and improving our business operations and thereby also improving our services and business.

Originating from abroad

If you come from abroad and work for us, then besides the above we will also be able to offer additional services for which we process your data. We process data in this case in order to:

  • to organize your trip to the Netherlands;
  • you can provide good accommodation in the Netherlands;
  • inform you about the culture in the Netherlands and the associated laws and regulations;
  • to be able to offer you insurances and take care of you, including the registration and cancellation of compulsory premiums, such as health insurance, liability insurance and accident insurance;
  • be able to provide you with a means of transport for traveling from your address in the Netherlands to your work

To whom do we provide your data

We handle your data carefully and confidentially. In order to offer you our services, we will provide insight into your data for our employees. We assure you that only those employees understand your details if this is important for their work and at the same time also to offer our services to you or to fulfill an agreement.

When providing information about you to third parties, we will limit this as much as possible to the minimum or statutory mandatory.

When mediating to work we will share your data with relevant clients and / or companies that we think you are of added value.

If you work for our organization or work for us at one of our clients, we have legal obligations to fulfill the contract and to execute the payroll administration. We will therefore provide your data to the following organizations or authorities: tax authorities, pension funds and, where applicable, attachment providers.

In the event of absence and supervision of this, an occupational health and safety service will be engaged and, if applicable, an occupational health physician. In view of the legal obligation of follow-up and guidance, we will provide you with data that are relevant to this follow-up and guidance. If necessary, we will also forward your details to the UWV, for example if you leave service during absence.

In order to meet our obligations as an organization and to be able to monitor and guarantee our quality as an organization, we regularly carry out inspections by accredited audit institutions and accountants. Your data will also be provided for the purposes of these checks, but only as an aim to guarantee our quality and to keep our operations at a high level.

If you come from abroad and we offer and provide other services for you, we will also provide your details to third parties. This exclusively for the services that we offer you additionally and for which you explicitly agree. This could include taking care of accommodation, insurance and transport.

For personal development in the form of personal guidance, courses and / or training, we will provide your data to training agencies and companies that are engaged in your development and training on our behalf.

How long do we keep your data

We will keep your data as long as you want to use our services. We also have obligations to keep data from legislation and regulations. This includes the submission of evidence and / or possible claims that may relate to the present and the past.

Where we have no reason that is determined by law and regulations we will ask for your explicit voluntary permission. You can of course also withdraw this permission when you no longer wish to use our services. See also "contact details" for obtaining additional information or withdrawing your consent.

Security and trust

Your details will not be used for purposes other than as indicated in this privacy statement. We have developed security measures that have been implemented at both organizational and technical level to prevent the destruction, loss, forgery, modification, unauthorized access or notification to third parties of your personal data. Under no circumstances can Optima Uitzendburo be held liable for the processing of personal data by a third party. If we pass on your details to a third party, we will ensure that they are bound by the same rules.

What rights do you have

In addition to processing the personal data, you also have some rights as a person.

Right of access and correction

You may view your details at any time and correct them if necessary. You can view and change the main data via your portal.

Improvement, removal and limitation

You are completely free to share everything you want. Of course, you also have the right not to provide certain information or to request us to correct, supplement or delete information about you. If you want to have data removed, it may affect the services we can provide you. As a result, some services may be lost. In addition, the request for deletion is only possible if we do not have a legal obligation to retain this data. We can, however, restrict access to your data for our employees and third parties.

Right of resistance

You can always request us not to process data in connection with a serious and legitimate reason. Depending on whether there is a legal basis for the processing, we will weigh up your resistance and execute it whenever possible. If you want to oppose direct marketing, then there is no need for it and you can do that at any time.

Right of data transfer

You have the right to request the personal data that we have processed from you in a structured, current and machine readable form and / or subsequently transfer it to another controller.

Right of withdrawal of approval

You can withdraw all processing operations made on the basis of your prior permission. Keep in mind that in some cases this affects the service we can offer you.

Contact details

For questions, comments and / or complaints about the privacy statement, or the execution of one of your rights you can always contact us. You can of course contact your contact person within the company.

You can also contact us by e-mail:
or by mail: Kade 40, 3371 EP in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, stating Privacy Statement


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